Tack Plymouth

Jag nämnde tidigare att jag tagit mycket inspiration från ett gäng fiskare i Plymouth, och deras aktiva Facebookgrupp Plymouth LRF. På min förra blogg så tackade jag dem och jag beslutade mig för att återpublicera det nu när min blogg är mer specialiserad kring LRF, och ja, utan dem hade denna blogg nog inte funnits. Förhoppningsvis får jag någon här att också kolla in den gruppen, för där finns det mycket matnyttigt. Jag publicera hela inlägget, vilket gör att bilderna är i lite annat format än de brukar vara.

This is a special post, a thank you to the Facebook community Plymouth LRF, and are therefore written in the biggest language in the world: Broken English. 

Hi guys and gals. You don´t know me, or know anything about me, but you have helped me a lot. I have been fishing my whole life, borne and raised in the archipelago in the Baltic sea. But the last few years, it started to get a bit boring, i fished for perch, pike and rainbow from time to time. But it started to feel mundane. And it was a sad prospect, loosing my favorite hobby, I was now living on the west coast of Sweden, close to the ocean, but I hade no ocean fishing experience and no beach rod and that sort of equipment. At this point, I read about LRF and got hooked on the idea. Really hooked, I saw this as the best way to rescure my lifestyle. But there was no equipment to get hold of in sweden, no lines thin enough, no jig head small enough, no store in the whole country had heard of Power Isome. And then I found your facebook group and got the names of a few retailers in the UK and I contacted them and was able to get them to ship to Sweden. And I started to fish proper LRF here in Gothenburg, I may have been among the first in sweden to do it, hard to tell. And I have been catching more fish and had more fun fishing LRF style then I ever had before. SO THANK YOU!

Here are a few of he  many many the fishes I have caught.


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